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Working From Home and the Business Card Holder

Office based, on the road or working from home – most of us need to interact with business contacts and clients and require a business card; holders ensure you always have a ready supply at your finger tips.  Whether you have switched from the work place to the home office or are starting up a new business from home the business card is an important and proven tool when promoting yourself and your services.

Maybe the daily commute and long hours away from the family prompted your decision to try a home office solution.   In setting up your new working environment the office furniture, computer and communication network will inevitably be your first priorities and you may not have reached the stage of considering the possibilities for networking, business meetings, training seminars and exhibitions.  Of course, you may have chosen a second office at home, spending only part of your working week on the road or at the company premises, in which case your business contacts and networking facilities will be firmly established.

If this is a new business from home then networking and advertising the business will be of paramount importance to you and the business card is a very useful advertising tool and reference aid for future and potential clients.  Presenting your business card is a part of that all important "first impression” and knowing that you have a ready supply in your business card holder is one less thing to think about! Slim line business card holders are easily slipped into your pocket or briefcase and are perfect for when you are on the move.  Desktop models add to your efficient and professional image when clients are visiting the home office.

The business card holder is available in a variety of materials and styles and usually very reasonably priced, even business cards themselves are relatively cheap these days – so don’t overlook that important marketing component for your home office setting – the business card holder!

Business Card Dispensers

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