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Well Designed Leaflet Display Racks

Well Designed Leaflet Display Racks

There are many forms of advertising display, with leaflets being a popular choice for marketing literature since they are easily distributed via mail shots, direct handouts or display stands.  Well presented leaflet display racks can really grab the attention of the target audience and raise awareness of the product. 

The standard design of leaflet racks will normally incorporate the use of pockets to accommodate each different title and ensure that all headings are clearly visible to the onlooker.  Pockets keep the paper stock neatly organised and help prevent leaflets ending up as a chaotic and unappealing jumble of information.

That first initial glance at the snappy slogan, product photograph, attention grabbing graphic or company logo is the moment they decide whether or not to pick up the leaflet and well designed leaflet display racks will ensure that at least the top third of all leaflets is clearly visible to spark the curiosity of the passer-by.

Where to position leaflet displays will depend very much on the type of venue and the mindset of potential customers.  Locations with a high footfall of clients already browsing for similar or affiliate products and areas where customers are stood in line waiting to be served are prime spots for display stands.  This may mean utilising a point of sale countertop, an adjacent wall or vacant floor space.  Designers are well ahead of the game with an extensive range of stock and bespoke leaflet display racks to make best use of the available space.

An important design feature is the size of the pocket.  Although DL, A5 and A4 leaflets are widely used there are other shapes and sizes in use and the pocket dimensions determine how neatly the leaflets are presented in the leaflet display racks; a margin of a few millimetres is enough to ensure they remain neat and upright, yet loose enough to allow leaflets to be selected with ease.  Some establishments have a large quantity of literature to display whilst others produce only one or two leaflets.  Empty pockets on display stands will definitely discourage customers from taking that all important first look at the information on offer.  Select display racks with the correct number of display positions for the titles you have to present.  If a variety of leaflet sizes have to be displayed opt for versatile stands or spinners that can be customised with pockets of various sizes to provide a multipurpose solution for mixed sized paper stock.

Achieve attractive and appealing displays by placing promotional pamphlets, healthcare literature, holiday tips and marketing material in well designed leaflet display racks.

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