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Versatile and Attractive Acrylic Display Stands

Acrylic is a popular choice in the production of retail display stands ...

... because it is a strong, lightweight and transparent substance that can be moulded and cut to produce an innovative and visually striking display. Stands are designed for an almost endless list of products, such as greeting cards, brochures, jewellery, fashion, business cards, menus and gifts. Some retail display stands are a work of art in themselves, but the clear simplicity of acrylic quite often makes it the perfect vehicle from which to showcase your products.

The versatility of acrylic allows designers to create display stands that are both functional and distinctive; producing eye catching displays which clearly advertise the product and promote the sales message. It can also be mass produced in a myriad of shapes, sizes and forms that provide excellent off-the-shelf display stand solutions at quite reasonable and affordable prices.

To assist you in meeting the marketing challenge head on you can source cubes, steps, plinths, trays, containers, frames and holders (to mention just a few); all designed to help you create an attractive and appealing display. Stands are constructed with pockets, pegs, bins, hooks and cut-outs to display and dispense your products with ease. They are designed to facilitate ease of access for your customers and encourage browsing and selection.

Acrylic is also used widely within the exhibition display stand industry, since it is ideal for compact, lightweight kits which can be transported with minimum effort and then quickly assembled to create an impressive and sturdy promotional backdrop to your presentation. Product display stands and brochure holders complete the professional image and maximise the impact of your goods.

At we have an extensive range of acrylic display stands for brochures, menus, business cards, leaflets and place cards quality products to showcase your merchandise.

business card holder                 menu display stand

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