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Top Tip for a Postcard Display - Stand Size Matters!

Top Tip for a Postcard Display - Stand Size Matters!

How many postcards are sent every year around the world?  Millions? Billions?  The answer is sure to be a phenomenal figure as this ever popular mode of communicating with friends and family continues to be utilised by tourists around the globe, who appear to shun the speed of social media and instant communication when they step into holiday mode.  The sheer volume of postcard display stands spinning in the sunshine at every holiday destination and tourist attraction is testimony to their enduring popularity.

The very fact that most holiday-makers feel relaxed and unhurried probably contributes to the volume of impulse buying yet they are discerning customers who will peruse the displays at length for just the right amusing joke, vintage look, quirky quote or scenic landscape.  And, of course, many are postcard collectors looking for a particular genre or theme amongst the display.

Stands that are well stocked with a range of quality postcards create successful eye catching displays, whilst others prove to be just as profitable by concentrating on niche markets or a particular style.  However, they all have one very important factor in common and that is pocket size.  Sloppy presentation of ill-fitting card stock results in an untidy chaos that most certainly is not appealing.

Common standard postcard sizes are 6x 4 or 7x 4.75, but in addition there are a wide variety of custom die-cut shapes and out-sized postcards designed to catch the eye of the customer looking for something a little out of the ordinary.  Selecting the correct pocket sizes for your chosen card stock will ensure a good fit and result in a well presented postcard display stand.  An important feature to consider is that racks and spinners must facilitate browsing and final selection and the pocket size will need to be a little larger than the postcard to achieve this goal.  Stock positioning is also crucial in achieving an attractive display; postcards designed to be displayed in portrait will not look good in a landscape pocket and vice versa they may fit, but they are unappealing.   Pocket depth should also be taken into account to ensure a sufficient volume can be displayed thus negating the need for constant re-stocking.

Thankfully the choice of display stands and racks available on-line, both mass produced and bespoke, is such that the thought of sourcing the perfect style, material, pocket size and configuration need not be discouraging; just measure up your cardstock and remember that size matters when creating an appealing postcard display stand.

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