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The Power of Brochure Dispensers

The Power of Brochure Dispensers

Most companies employ a variety of tried and tested advertising tactics when developing a marketing campaign to boost brand awareness and revenue.

One such tactic is the distribution of leaflets and pamphlets in brochure dispensers

Although not always first on the list for a dynamic and aggressive marketing assault they still rank in the list of advertising gambits deployed by a variety of businesses, both large and small, in a bid to improve familiarity with the brand and increase sales growth.

Well designed leaflets are trying to sell the product or service and usually incorporate several features within one, fairly diminutive, handout.  A persuasive title, image or call to action is intended to capture the interest of customers immediately and engage them  sufficiently to ensure the leaflet is taken from brochure dispensers.  This goal achieved, the body of the text must be appealing and concise Ė you have a few minutes at most to sell your product or create the lead before the leaflet is put down or thrown in the bin.  If the advertising message is effective they will act, or possibly keep the leaflet for future reference, which leads us to our third feature; clear contact and location details.

Brochures on the other hand are not generally created for the quick sell.  They offer a more detailed and informative insight to the business, product or service from the brochure dispenser and are more of a marketing supplement to help the sales team achieve its goal.  Glossy and professional brochures project a credible and trustworthy image, provide the answers to frequently asked questions, present technical data and promote a subliminal desire to own luxury or expensive goods.

Whilst leaflets are quite frequently sent as mail-shots to acquire sales leads, it is the brochure that will supply the more detailed response to customer enquiries and they are, of course, a very familiar sight in brochure dispensers on just about every sales  floor we visit.  We see them in car showrooms, theatres and fashion outlets promoting their wares and tempting us to purchase.  Educational establishments and healthcare organisations also utilise brochures to highlight and publicise their services.  They are an effective sales tool and a useful reference source for potential customers.

These high quality and often sizeable booklets require a dedicated brochure dispenser to ensure they are displayed at their best.  Standard sizes are generally A5, A4 or A3, but as with most display stands, brochure dispensers are available in a variety of styles and materials and can also be custom made to accommodate most preferences.

If you are looking to promote your products and services with the power of a well designed, quality brochure donít miss our innovative range of brochure dispensers at

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