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The Convenience of Collapsible Display Stands

The Convenience of Collapsible Display Stands

Whether you prepare for just two or three craft fairs a year, or are a regular exhibitor at craft and trade shows, you will have recognised the need for portable equipment that is easy to transport to and from venues and doesnít take up too much space when stored.

Many exhibitors use display stands and props to showcase their products to perfection and readily acknowledge the simplicity and convenience of collapsible display stands.

These lightweight display solutions can be flat packed for storage, thus taking up far less space when not in use. With stands, props and stock to transport, unload and site at the exhibition booth, the convenience of collapsible display stands that can be handled with relative ease is well worth consideration. They are generally very quick and easy to assemble, whilst still providing a durable and sturdy display stand.

With a variety of styles and sizes on offer they can certainly provide the space required to display products with eye catching appeal. The rotating spinner is an excellent platform from which to display a range of items due to the ease with which customers can access, browse and select from the stock on offer. For tabletop events the preferred choice is often the collapsible counter spinner but if space is available the range of collapsible display stands also includes larger floor spinners that are put together with minimal effort by simply hooking the display panels to a central framework.

Collapsible floor racks offer quite a compact solution if space is at a premium due to their height and with plenty of tiers they provide the extra capacity for larger levels of stock on relatively small footprints. This type of collapsible display stand couldnít be easier to assemble and dismantle being generally designed with a rear support which simply clicks into place; straightforward and stress free when time is of the essence!

A more compact version of the wire floor rack is available for use on the counter; these sturdy wire collapsible display stands provide height and add interest to tabletop displays and can be put up and taken down in minutes with the same simple rear support design.

Collapsible display stands are a great choice for temporary displays within the retail environment and other organisations looking for short-term display solutions; such as seasonal stock or staff induction days.

If the thought of transporting heavy display equipment from venue to venue is daunting and impractical, give some consideration to the convenience of collapsible display stands.

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