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Stylish Acrylic Place Card Holders

Place Card Holder

Simple and elegant place card holders help guide your guests…

... when you plan to allocate the seating at functions such as weddings, conferences and formal black tie events. There are an astonishing number of quirky, fun and comical place card holders, cleverly designed to complement the theme of the occasion and entertain and amuse your guests as they take their seats for the big event. For the more conventional there are hearts for Valentines, baubles for Christmas and place card holders that double as favours for weddings. Corporate event planners utilize place card holders to further enhance the promotion of goods, services and brand recognition.

At more humble gatherings with family and friends crafting your own unique place card holders to complement a festive celebration, dinner or lunch is creative and fun; adding a pinch of your own personality and flair to the tabletop. Most of our festivals, holidays and special occasions have symbols and images that we immediately associate with them (eggs for Easter, balloons for birthdays, champagne for New Year); providing us with plenty of inspiration when making our own place card holders.

Stylish acrylic place card holders provide a quick and simple solution for most table settings; offering you a transparent, slim line holder for your well designed place cards that can be used time and time again.

If you require a swift seating plan solution for your special event then pop over now to and take a look at our acrylic place card holders.

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