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Spread the Word with Leaflet Dispensers

Spread the Word with Leaflet Dispensers

The advantages of placing your advertising message in leaflet dispensers

is often overlooked in favour of media related marketing which is deemed more effective; after all the giants of business and industry employ these methods and small businesses wish to emulate those. However, donít forget that larger corporations do employ the humble leaflet within their marketing campaigns and with a smaller advertising budget leaflet dispensers can play an important role in your marketing strategy and be used in a variety of ways to attract potential customers.

First and foremost, create a striking leaflet which grabs their attention with a catchy title and relevant graphics.  Your text should contain enough detail to answer frequently asked questions about your service or product and how to contact your company.  Too much information will put potential clients off, you have but a few seconds to engage with customers and spark their interest.  Placing your pamphlets in leaflet dispensers presents an organised image and ensures easy access for your target audience.

Strategic positioning is important and a necessary consideration. Placing leaflet dispensers at locations with an association to your business will target your potential customers when they are in a receptive frame of mind.  For this very reason tourist attractions frequently place their leaflets in nearby pubs, restaurants and hotels with high volumes of prospective tourist trade.   Having made a financial investment in the printing of your leaflets, maximising this sort of targeted exposure is a good advertising tactic.

Brochures and pamphlets also provide important product information on the shop floor and at customer service desks, offering a quick response to frequently asked questions.  This subtle sales approach from the leaflet dispenser offers customers a more relaxed browsing experience whilst receiving facts and reassurance about the goods they are considering.

Leaflet dispensers are particularly effective at busy trade shows or exhibitions, where you may not always have the time to deal with each and every enquiry immediately.  Presenting prospective clients with concise information to peruse whilst they wait could reap dividends and, of course, you ensure that everyone has your contact details and the relevant facts regarding your product.

In company reception areas, waiting clients are the perfect audience for literature focused on introducing promotions and the wider range of goods and services that you offer.  Whilst in other organisations, such as hospitals, the leaflet dispenser is invaluable in providing a selection of relevant and informative healthcare brochures for the benefit of patients.

They are easy to maintain and restock and space is rarely an issue, since leaflet dispensers are manufactured in such a huge variety of materials and sizes.  There is just about every type of display for every purpose to ensure the best fit and presentation of your leaflets.  Whether you are considering the countertop, floor or wall there is almost certainly a suitable display solution out there for you; off the peg or bespoke.

Spread the word on your products and services by taking a look at our competitively priced range of leaflet dispensers.

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