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Selling Handmade Greeting Cards - Part 9 - Final Thoughts

Cardboard Display Stand for Greeting CardsWell, if you’ve managed to stay with me thus far, here are a few final thoughts.

Do your research and take advice where needed from small business help centres and professionals regarding the legalities and regulations surrounding your proposed venture.

Potential venues for selling your cards:
• Craft fairs
• Car boot sales
• eBay or other third party websites.
• Your own website.
• Retail outlets (corner shops, gift shops, independent card shops, farm shops, post offices, cafés and florists).
• School fetes, church fetes or charity events (with a percentage of sales going to that cause).

Keep costs under review and pricing realistic and competitive.

Advertise your business and contact details on the cards.

Cellophane bags are an excellent idea for your card stock. It protects them substantially against dirt and damage. This is particularly useful if supplying stock on a consignment basis in display stands, but will also provide some protection for cards in transit.

Listen to customer feedback to improve your product and service and build customer confidence.

We hope you have found this guide useful and wish you Good Luck selling your fabulous designs.

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