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Selling Handmade Greeting Cards - Part 4 - Marvellous Marketing

Cardboard Greeting Card Display Stand

In such a competitive market as the greeting card industry you will want to create your own brand identity – one that customers and clients recognise and associate with quality. This does not need to be elaborate; you may simply use your name "Jane Smith Cards” with a contact number and/or website, or you might choose to add a distinctive logo and incorporate a company colour scheme. You want customers to know these fabulous designs are yours and ensure they have your contact details at their fingertips for repeat business. Once again, there is a great deal of help and advice available these days to assist small businesses through the legalities of the setting up process.

Branding your stock is an effective means of advertising and is as easy as printing, stamping or placing a sticker on the reverse of the card. Leaflet advertising can be a cost effective way of marketing your new venture and business cards are an extremely useful networking tool. Marketing your website can be achieved through the use of social networking sites, craft directories and magazines, blogging and article sites. Word of mouth is invaluable; sell to family and friends and ask them to promote your cards on their networking sites and blogs. Concentrate your initial advertising efforts on those outlets and potential customers that you have identified as your target audience.

Don’t forget your best marketing tool is your handmade cards – a few free samples, from the display stand, to carefully selected clients may just reap marvellous rewards!

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