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Selling Handmade Greeting Cards - Part 3 - Quantity and Quality

Greeting Card Display Rack
Even allowing for some automation of the production process (such as hot foil printing of greetings), if you are making all of your card stock yourself there will be a limit to the number of high quality cards you can make within a given time frame. You will need sufficient standard designs in stock ready for dispatch and also have the time to work to deadlines on your bespoke items.

Each card is a potential sale and the quality of that product will determine its success. Keep this in mind when deciding upon the variety you will be offering. A slightly smaller range of superb cards at the start of your venture, all with the wow factor, could be the advertising tool for a personalised service for special occasions, generating further business.

Quality and attention to detail are important and yet a balance needs to be struck between the cost of your materials and the standard of the finished article. Take time to peruse a variety of suppliers for quality, reliability and cost. Remember that many of your components such as card, paper, ribbon, envelopes and wrap can be bought in bulk at a discount.

Be on the look-out for innovative materials and ideas to inspire appealing new designs to tempt both established and new customers who will come to just love the luxurious and reputable quality of the cards you display.

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