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Selling Handmade Greeting Cards - Part 2 - Fabulous Designs

Greeting Card Floor SpinnerThis part involves doing what crafters do best – creating fabulous designs! Inspired creativity is the key – one of the main attractions of handmade cards is their originality and a quick search of the internet alone shows the sheer wealth of innovative and eye catching designs available. Just about every topic, hobby, season and event is catered for, so you will need fresh and imaginative ideas to ensure that your creations immediately stand out and look appealing in the greeting card display stand.

You will already have a stock of tried and trusted formats that work with your current style ideas and crafting medium, but you will also need the versatility to embrace new materials, methods and ideas to keep your designs one step ahead of the crowd.

Decide if you are going to produce designs for a full range of events and occasions, or whether you might initially concentrate on designs for one specific topic – such as children’s birthdays. Perhaps you have found a niche market, will focus on corporate cards or have opted to devote all your time and energy to the lucrative wedding market.

Once your goal is established, be inspired and create some fabulous designs!

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