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Selling Handmade Greeting Cards - Part 1 - Getting Started

Handmade greeting cards are a very popular choice when we wish to send a special message to our family and friends. Whether it is Happy Birthday, Good Luck or Congratulations the handmade card gives us that special feeling of something a little more bespoke and carefully selected, just for us.

Crafters of all ages often consider turning this creative hobby into a source of revenue. And why wouldn’t they, it is estimated that the greeting card market in the UK is worth around £1.4 billion a year. You may be encouraged to sell your cards because of an overwhelmingly positive response to your designs by friends and family; perhaps your intention is to create some extra income to help fund your hobby; or do you have just the right innovative style combined with the determination to create a successful business out of your hobby? The big question is ‘How do I sell my handmade cards?” and we have a few, though by no means exhaustive, tips that you may find useful.

Researching your chosen market for sales potential is essential. Local independent shops, craft fairs, your own website or internet craft sites are all possible venues for sales and some will be easier than others to establish. Consideration should be given to stock quantities and producing to deadlines, fixtures (some venues require you to supply your own display stands), presentation and marketing, pricing, payment methods and delivery modes.

Don’t forget, you will also need to look at the legalities of your business and there is a wealth of expertise available these days to help small businesses on the path to getting started.

Greeting Card Display Stand

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