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Recession Busting Leaflet Holders

Recession Busting Leaflet Holders

In the current financial climate customers are tightening their purse-strings, selecting products with care and looking for a bargain and advertising messages must be powerful and strategically placed.  Many small business owners operate locally, due to the nature of their trade, and for them leaflet holders are an obvious and relatively economical means of raising awareness of company name and product.  Whether just starting out, or a well established company, advertising in leaflet holders can produce results through highlighting promotions or offering credit crunching bargains.

Well Designed Leaflets in Leaflet Holders

Good leaflet design and printing are now of paramount importance and your short and snappy title needs to jump out of the display stand and grab their attention!

Strategic Positioning of Leaflet Holders

Skilful sales tactics need to be employed to ensure the investment in pamphlets and leaflet holders reaps results.  Ensuring they are placed strategically in locations that your target audience frequents is one example.  Shops and organisations that link to your product or service, but are not in direct competition, are ideal sites to reach potential customers already in the right mindset for your product or service.

Ensure Leaflet Holders Are Accessible

There is absolutely no point in designing eye catching literature if it is totally inaccessible!  Make sure your leaflet holders are sited where customers can immediately see them, reach them and select your advertising message with ease.

Leaflet Holders Size Matters

Size does matter when selecting display stands!  To ensure your leaflets are kept tidy and
appealing, always purchase leaflet holders with the correct pocket size for your product.  Making do is a false economy as a haphazard and shabby presentation of advertising material subconsciously deters customers and they will bypass your stand and take their spending power elsewhere.

Keep Those Leaflet Holders Stocked

Now that seems obvious, yet amazingly empty pockets in leaflet holders are not an uncommon sight and beg the question "what is the point of that?. Keep leaflet holders well stocked; they come in all shapes and sizes so if you are placing them off-site select those which hold a good volume of leaflets to reduce the need for frequent top ups.

Which Style of Leaflet Holder?

Different locations require different solutions.  If you have a small, busy reception area, where seating takes priority, then slim-line wall or counter leaflet holders that require very little space will probably be the best solution for you.  In larger retail foyers more substantial brochure racks provide ample space for a variety of literature and leaflet floor spinners facilitate and encourage browsing.

If you are considering a leaflet campaign as part of your recession busting marketing strategy pop over to stock to view our extensive range of competitively priced leaflet holders.

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