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Reach Your Target Audience With Leaflet Holders

Reach Your Target Audience With Leaflet Holders

Brochures and leaflets are a valuable and cost effective tool in your marketing strategy.  Reaching your target audience couldnít be more straightforward by placing your promotional literature in leaflet holders situated in locations that they already frequent. The tourist industry is a prime example; distributing their marketing material from leaflet holders at a variety of venues throughout the country to get their advertising message in front of high numbers of potential customers. The healthcare sector also uses this technique; placing a huge volume of fact sheets and relevant literature to patients in hospitals, general practice surgeries and other related centres. Councils and advisory bodies inform the public in this way and a myriad of commercial enterprises, both sizeable and modest, promote their products through the effective use of leaflet holders.

The style and print of your pamphlet is vital to the success of your leaflet holder campaign. A wealth of data crammed into the relatively small area of the standard DL leaflet will merely irritate the reader who will bin your advertising message at the earliest opportunity without so much as a second glance. Keep the message brief and to the point. Graphics and photographs are an excellent way to make your point and promote your goods. However, ensure they are appropriate and donít clutter the leaflet with too many images, patterns and colours as this will only divert attention from your marketing message. The wording and layout of your leaflet are of paramount importance; short, snappy phrases, calls to action and persuasive offers such as set period discounts Ė which both tempt the customer and provide a tool with which to measure the performance of the leaflet holder within your marketing strategy and to gauge the level of brand awareness. The flipside of leaflets are often overlooked in the design process, but this blank space can be used for company contact details such as address, telephone and website. Copy check before going to print, to make sure there are no errors or spelling mistakes: the aim is to catch the customerís attention and entice them to select your brochure from the leaflet holder.

Donít disregard the possibility of employing the services of a specialist print company; with discounts for larger quantities this option may be well within your budget and the quality of the finished article projects an image of professionalism from the leaflet holder.

Brochures should always be placed within easy and immediate reach of customers so ensure you reach your target audience with well lit and accessible leaflet holders!

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