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Promote Your Products with Point of Sale Display Stands

Promote Your Products with Point of Sale Display Stands

Marketing professionals are well aware that it only takes a second to grab the attention of potential customers and they will utilise a variety of sales techniques to maximise the financial return from these small windows of selling opportunity.

An important part of this marketing strategy is point of sale display stands.

As the name suggests, these point of sale display stands are placed at the till or checkout, where customers are making their purchase. Retailers understand that this area is a prime location for promoting goods and impulse buys and they take full advantage of the space available to encourage customers to make last minute buying decisions. And it works; a large percentage of consumers are tempted at some time or another to try a new product, pick up a quick treat or are merely reminded that they have run out of an essential item, all of which increases revenue and raises brand awareness.

Point of sale display stands are also an excellent location for distributing effective and persuasive marketing leaflets with special offers and date restricted discounts to encourage customers to return for their next shop instead of taking their custom to the competition.

Seasonal displays, such as Motherís Day, Christmas and Valentineís Day, are ideal for point of sale promotions and the list of events seems to get longer each year! Whilst the majority of stock is invariably allocated a prime location within the store to capitalise on the limited time frame for seasonal sales, a smaller range of both essential and novelty items within point of sale display stands will often encourage another purchase and provide a further prompt for those who steadfastly bypassed the main display!

Since space is always at a premium at the point of sale, display stands are manufactured in a variety of styles to make the most of the proposed location. Cardboard is a very common choice of material since it offers a relatively cost and effective way of creating impressive and sturdy display stands that maximise the visual impact of the product on sale. Designers often choose acrylic, wood or wire to provide innovative and durable solutions for more permanent displays. Whilst the countertop is probably the obvious place to site point of sale display stands, the sales potential of nearby walls and floor space should not be overlooked. Tiered display stands, slim-line spinners and narrow wall racks are all designed to increase the number of display positions within a compact framework; perfect is space is limited.

Raise customer awareness of your product promotions by taking time to consider how you can utilise the sales space effectively and advertise your stock in attractive and accessible point of sale display stands.

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