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Promote Tourist Attractions With Leaflet Holders

Promote Tourist Attractions With Leaflet Holders

Tourist attractions and venues all utilise advertising brochures to promote their location and entice visitors and locals alike to try out the facility. Many of these brochures utilise the most common DL tri-fold leaflet sizing and are distributed on-site, locally and further afield in leaflet holders.

Most are designed to attract the attention of potential customers by following a planned format which usually places the company name and logo with a snappy slogan on the front cover, along with carefully chosen photographs to project an emotive and positive image of the experience on offer to the target audience. The visual presentation is frequently the deciding factor as to whether or not that particular brochure will be selected from the leaflet holders. Having caught their attention, more detailed information on what the attraction has to offer is carefully laid out to encourage and tempt the reader, along with the promotion of other facilities such as café and gift shop. And finally, directions, map
location, opening hours and discount offers are usually found on the reverse of the leaflet.

Given the popularity of leaflet holders as a means of advertising it is fair to assume they do pull in business; by placing an attractive advertisement, with all the relevant information, directly in front of visitors and locals who are on holiday and looking for inspiration on places to visit and things to do. Brochures are printed in large quantities and placed in leaflet holders to promote a myriad of venues including theme parks, museums, castles, galleries, steam railways and so much more.

Many of these leaflet holders are placed in prominent, high footfall locations within the tourist attraction itself. They prompt visitors to take a leaflet as a future reminder and, if the experience was positive, many tourists do indeed return. These leaflets often include discount offers for return visits, usually within specific timeframes, or vouchers to encourage purchases elsewhere on site.

However, a far greater number of leaflet holders will be placed further afield in other locations that tourists regularly frequent such as restaurants, travel interchanges and tourist information offices. These leaflet holders catch the attention of tourists as they travel to and arrive at their destination; they may not have finalised an itinerary for their stay and even if they have, they may be swayed by a well thought out and appealing brochure with a price discount. Hotels and guest houses frequently display leaflet holders for the convenience of their guests and placing promotional literature in these locations ensures that visitors can read them at their leisure, which is very conducive to achieving the marketing objective. Even on the journey home, visitors are still picking up brochures from leaflet holders as an aide memoire for future visits back to the area and many of those leaflets will be retained for future use.

Well designed brochures are undoubtedly a valuable tool in the marketing strategy of tourist attractions and by placing promotional codes on your leaflets you can assess the value and success of placing your advertising literature in leaflet holders.

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