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Procurement Tips for Literature Stands

Procurement Tips for Literature Stands

With numerous options to select from it makes sense to step back and consider which sort of literature stands

best serve your specific requirements and product. Taking a little time now to look at the dimensions and quantity of literature you wish to display, the proposed stand locations and the aim of your literature will be very beneficial when weighing up the pros and cons of the various literature stands available to source.

Literature is essentially the written word and is, of course, presented in a myriad of varying styles with different goals and objectives. Literature stands are manufactured to accommodate this huge diversity of texts and showcase each product to perfection to achieve the aim of the organisation or company.

Advertising in Literature Stands
The power of the written word is a marketing skill honed to perfection by advertisers; with leaflets, brochures and pamphlets being created by specialist companies every day to promote goods and services around the world. Displays for this type of direct marketing are available in all the standard paper sizes; the most commonly used being DL, A5 and A4 literature stands. Leaflet designers are constantly thinking up new formats to attract the attention of consumers and bespoke stands meet the needs of these innovative products.

Literature Stands in the Healthcare Environment
The sheer volume of health related facts, instructions and guidance that are presented to patients in leaflets and pamphlets is phenomenal. This calls for a diverse selection of literature stands to present this abundance of information in an organised manner to facilitate easy access to the correct advice. Where best to site these displays, to conform to health and safety regulations, can quite often cause quite a headache but amongst the wall racks, counter stands and floor spinners an acceptable literature stand solution can usually be sourced for most areas.

Novel Ideas for Literature Stands
Retail outlets specialising in books and shops that stock newspapers and periodicals often have custom shelving for the majority of their stock. However, they also take advantage of freestanding literature stands to create temporary displays promoting the latest titles or seasonal stock. Such lightweight and portable stands are invaluable when refreshing and renewing displays and often supply the display solution when space is at a premium.

Literature Stands for Reception
These high traffic areas, where reception desk and seating are the main priority, require stylish, slim-line models to maximise the display potential of walls, counter tops and floors. Literature stands can be sourced to hold periodicals for your visitors or present glossy sales brochures for your clients.

Promotional Literature Stands at Exhibitions
Exhibitions and Trade Shows are busy, vibrant places and creativity is a key factor in ensuring your display platform stands out amongst the rest. Make sure you donít forget to include stylish promotional literature stands to complement your display and keep that all important marketing aid, the product brochure, at your fingertips.

Whilst function, style and location are important considerations when sourcing the best display for your product, donít overlook quality and cost by doing a few price comparisons with reputable suppliers before you make a final and informed decision on the procurement of literature stands.

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