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Maximising the Potential of Retail Display Stands

Retailers are very aware that the way in which they display their products directly affects how well or how poorly these goods will sell. Effective merchandising, appealing window dressing and eye catching promotional displays will attract and influence customers; tempting even the most budget conscious, recession weary buyers to take a second look at the retail display. Stands are designed to grab their attention, present the product attractively and allow for ease of access to facilitate browsing and selection. Successful retailers look not only at their retail display stands, but at their entire sales floor – carefully planning and presenting this environment to maximize sales potential. A variety of merchandising techniques are employed to engage the customer, communicate the advertising message and complete the sale.

Staging the products in a manner that is familiar to the end user helps customers to visualize the product in their own home, at the office or in the garden. Furniture stores employ this technique to perfection by placing furnishings and accessories in attractive micro settings across the sales floor; immediately making you feel at home, ready to take the weight of your feet and test that sofa whilst perusing the colour and fabric options. In the same way, Garden Centers plan and stock their retail display stands in such a way that the path meanders round from one horticultural oasis to the next; enticing and persuading their green fingered visitors to fulfill their landscaping visions. These tactics make it far easier for customers to picture the product in their own home.

Retail display stands set up to show merchandise in use, particularly if these invite customer participation, provide the buyer with product knowledge and security; raising the level of confidence to buy since the item is now tried and tested. Toys, computers and musical instruments are just a few of the goods sold in this way. Likewise, clothing stores window dress with mannequins; showcasing several items of clothing together, along with all the must have accessories. This appealing instant fashion show often results in multiple purchases to gain the "complete look”.

Décor, colour scheme, lighting, scents and music are all used to enhance the buying experience and add to the appeal of the products on display. After all, successful selling is all about customer satisfaction and providing a welcoming and interesting environment is the first step. If the store front or window display provides a great first impression, they’ll be stepping through the door to explore what else is on offer.

Strategically placed retail display stands, bins and racks place promotional offers, impulse buys and discounted goods where they will attract maximum attention; bringing customers through the door, encouraging them to buy more and leaving them with that great feeling of having saved with the bargain buy!

Review your merchandising techniques to ensure an attractive and tempting product display every time and maximise the potential of your retail display stands.

Retail Display Stands

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