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Leaflet Holders Provide Effective Marketing for Estate Agents

Leaflet Holders Provide Effective Marketing for Estate Agents

Estate agents recognise that leaflet holders are an effective tool when marketing properties.

These functional containers in a variety of styles and materials provide the perfect display solution for property literature and allow potential buyers to browse and select with ease the details of the properties that are of interest to them.

Although A4 leaflet holders are a popular size for this industry, a variety of sizes and styles are required for the various display locations within this type of office.

Estate agent window displays are a veritable magnet for those looking to buy and potential buyers.  This prime marketing area requires leaflet holders that can accommodate a rapid and efficient turnaround of information with leaflets being regularly replaced and updated. Usually only one copy of each leaflet is on show here since these positions are for display only; their purpose to grab the interest of potential customers and invite them in.

Wall leaflet holders provide a significant number of display positions within the office, without taking up valuable floor space.  Here leaflet dispensers with larger pocket dimensions are invaluable for displaying property information designed to be perused and taken away for future reference.  Placing a good supply of leaflets in the dispenser will significantly reduce the need for frequent restocking.

Strategically placed, floor leaflet holders can provide the perfect marketing tool for promoting a particular type of abode for instance upmarket rentals or executive homes.  A stylish and dedicated display can enhance the appeal of those well designed, glossy brochures.  Floor standing leaflet holders are particularly useful when additional display positions are required during peak periods; and when not required these stands are usually easily dismantled to facilitate storage.

Countertop leaflet holders in a variety of sizes are extremely practical for desktop literature, especially associated products that the sales team wish to highlight such as insurance schemes and mortgage services; and keeping such information organised and readily available helps promote an efficient and professional image.

A variety of materials are incorporated into the design of effective leaflet holders for estate agents, with acrylic being a popular choice due to its transparency.  A key factor in the design of any leaflet holder is striking a good balance between the quantities of leaflets on display and maximising the visual impact on potential customers and acrylic holders undoubtedly provide sturdy, transparent and stylish solutions.  Other options include contemporary designs made from metal or wire which are particularly robust.

Visual advertising is an integral part of the marketing campaign for estate agents and  one effective tool is the placement of well designed promotional leaflet holders.

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