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Innovative Business Card Design and Quality Business Card Holders

Innovative Business Card Design and Quality Business Card Holders

Is the design of your business card stylish and in vogue? Does it stand out from the rest – is it memorable?  Have you die-cut your card with the profile of your company logo or product; is it pop-up 3D, amusing or fashionably recyclable?  There is a trend for truly innovative, fun and unforgettable designs and they require a stylish business card holder.

In the quest for a business card that will capture their attention and be remembered it is easy to lose sight of the basic function of the business card.  It is one of the first impressions you make on potential customers and clients and, amazingly in this age of such fast paced technological advancement, is still a familiar and preferred method of introducing ourselves.  The design and quality of this diminutive piece of card speaks volumes about your professionalism and company reputation and holds the all important contact details for future business liaison.

Whether or not this information is transferred to a digital database, most are still kept and stored in business card holders – a tangible and trustworthy back-up of the telephone number or website, that won’t crash or inadvertently be deleted!

Original and novel business cards are designed for impact and undoubtedly make an immediate impression; but how long do we actually remember them for?  How long do they stay on the desk?  Are they binned when the next one comes along to take its place? Have you ever asked yourself three months on – which supplier was it, that had that great pop up card with the wow factor? If you have spent time, money and effort designing an effective business card the ultimate aim is to get this marketing tool into their long term memory – and their business card holders!

Many designers do take the standard card size into consideration when creating their novel design and eye catching business card.  Holders are predominantly manufactured to accommodate the demand for the standard 85mm x 55mm card stock with a small margin to allow for slight variations in card size and ease of use.

These striking designs are ingenious and inventive yet still incorporate all the conventional and essential company and contact details within the confines of the standard format; which can then, of course, be placed easily inside pockets, wallets, briefcases and business card holders.

Quality business card holders come in all shapes and sizes, from the slim-line business card case for the individual through to multi-pocket business card dispensers for high footfall locations.  They are manufactured in a variety of materials and designs to complement your company style and marketing message – and to ensure those important contact details are at your fingertips in business card holders.

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