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How to Attract Customers to your Display Stands

How to Attract Customers to your Display Stands

With most businesses up against a huge volume of competition for sales it is of paramount importance to attract customers to the product display.  Stands need to be visually exciting to ensure you attract as many potential customers as possible.  Creating eye catching displays is the first step to sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to step up and take a closer look at what’s on offer instead of walking on by.  Backdrops, mannequins, tiers, plinths, lighting and props are brought into play to create an attractive design and a structure to the layout that will heighten customer awareness of the full range of products presented on the display stands.

Everyone loves a bargain and highlighting special introductory offers to promote new lines of stock is a proven method for increasing traffic to the display stand.  Likewise, discounted items usually entice potential customers to take a second look in the hopes of picking up a good deal.   Including money off vouchers with receipts, valid against future purchases, is a great way to entice customers to return.

Attract customers by having promotional giveaways on display.  Stands with useful gifts that can be printed or embossed with the company logo help to raise product awareness whilst attracting footfall to the display.   Edible giveaways, such as cupcakes, chocolates, biscuits or sweets, are very tempting and can be presented in mini bags, wrappers and boxes which can be embellished with the brand name and contact details.

Demonstrations are an excellent way of attracting customers to display stands.  People love to see how things are made or used and this familiarisation process helps to inform customers who in turn feel more comfortable about buying the product.   You lend a great deal of credibility to the goods you are selling when you show that they work and are fit for purpose.   Demonstrations are a great way of establishing dialogue with customers and they also provide the answers to many of the frequently asked questions that customers have prior to purchasing.

Everyone loves a winner and entering customers into a prize raffle will certainly get your display stand noticed.  This could be offered, for instance, as an incentive to purchase or for those leaving their contact details to sign up for newsletters.  The prize could be one of your stock items or a gift voucher for future purchases.

Investing a little time and money can reap big rewards.  Human nature is such that you only have to catch the attention of one or two people to spark the curiosity of others and that attracts a lot more customers to your display stands.

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