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Greeting Card Display Stands versus Leaflet Display Stands (Size Matters!)

Leaflet Display Stands
Leaflets and greeting cards are produced in a variety of sizes so it is important to select an appropriately designed leaflet or greeting card display stand to facilitate a professional and appealing presentation.  Greeting cards and leaflets are not the same product and the correct pocket size is a key factor in achieving an eye catching display.  

 If you are looking to purchase display stands or racks for greeting cards then choose the appropriate card size from the greeting card display stand range.  We have incorporated an allowance in the pocket sizes of these stands to accommodate greeting cards with envelopes and cellophane wrapping and these dimensions are clearly defined in the listings.

Leaflet display stands are manufactured with pockets corresponding to standard paper sizes, most commonly:

A4 (the paper size most of us use in our printers)

A5 (a sheet of A4 folded in half)

DL and tri-fold (a sheet of A4 folded into three panels)

A small pocket margin of a few millimetres ensures customers can easily select a leaflet, whilst maintaining a tidy and organised display stand.

Also bear in mind that purchasing display stands for greeting cards or leaflets with larger pocket sizes than actually required isn’t always the solution if you have a variety of stock to display (a 7” x 5” card will not sit well in an 8” x 6” pocket resulting in an unattractive display). 

If you require the versatility of a multi-purpose display stand then take a look at our varied range of leaflet stands, greeting card spinners and wall racks for mixed sized products.  Remember pocket size matters!

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