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Greeting Card Display Stands - Maximise Your Sales

When shopping for a special occasion handcrafted gifts and cards are a popular choice as they offer something a little different and unique.  Handmade greeting cards in particular are always well received and a very rewarding pastime that embraces a veritable cornucopia of crafting techniques and skills. Demand for handmade cards has opened up business opportunities for many crafters who have taken the decision to market their products and generate some income from their greeting card display stands.

There is, however, plenty of competition in this arena so ensuring your designs stand out from the crowd and really grab their attention is essential.  Consider organising card stock clearly by occasion to catch the eye of customers with a specific event in mind.  Presenting greeting cards in this way will also encourage additional sales by reminding buyers that another birthday is just round the corner, an anniversary date is looming or a thank you is yet to be sent.

Displays that facilitate browsing are a great way of placing the product directly in the hands of potential buyers, but bear in mind that card stock will need protection if it is to be kept in saleable condition.  Think about sourcing clear sealable bags if cards will be handled frequently by customers.

Are you promoting a new range?  Or highlighting a discount?  Giving these cards a prominent focal position in the display will draw people to the stand and provides an opening for conversation to engage customers, discuss the product and make a sale.

Many sellers enhance the presentation of their stock with props, plinths, boxes and baskets designed to complement the theme or style of their products.  Tiered display stands provide extra display space whilst adding height and focal interest, counter or floor carousels facilitate browsing and keep stock organised in individual pockets whilst collapsible, lightweight greeting card display stands are easily transported to and from craft fairs.

If you are looking to place your greeting cards in retail outlets you will often find retailers are more amenable to the sales pitch if you have a display solution immediately to hand. Cardboard display stands are an economical solution and very useful for point of sale displays.

Always maintain good stock levels on display, replenishing as and when required, to keep the interest of customers nothing deters quicker than a half empty stand, which invokes a feeling of little or no choice and tidy up intermittently to keep the display attractive and easy to navigate.

Creating an attractive, well lit and accessible display for those fabulous designs is a key factor in maximising sales from your greeting card display stands.

Greeting Card Display Stands

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