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Effective Leaflet Dispensers

Leaflet Floor SpinnerAlthough we embrace the ease of computer based information and communication, printed brochures and leaflet dispensers remain an efficient method of delivering our marketing message. They can be relatively inexpensive andLeaflet Dispenser provide useful information on products, services and resources to our target audience.

As they are the point of distribution, leaflet dispensers need to be accessible and appealing. The stand should keep contents neat and presentable, so ensure the chosen design fits the size of leaflet on display. Stands are available in many materials such as plastic, wood and wire; the material often contributing as much to the attractiveness of the display as the design itself. An important factor, therefore, when considering brand image.

The single pocket dispenser is designed for simple displays of one type of leaflet and takes up little space on either counter top or wall. For a range of different pamphlets a multi pocket unit is ideal and the number and size of pockets will obviously depend on how much literature is to be displayed.

If wall space is limited then consider a revolving leaflet spinner. They are available in different sizes for both floor and counter and can take a large amount of printed material, negating the need to frequently restock.

Remember, customers will be put off by a shabby display; replenish regularly with new material to present well stocked and appealing leaflet dispensers.


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