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Display Stand Diversity

Display Stand Diversity

Selecting the perfect display stand from the mind boggling assortment available on-line can seem very daunting, but a few tips and a little research should make the task a lot easier.  We all know that product presentation is of paramount importance, and yet we do still come across merchandise and literature stuffed into totally inappropriate display stands.  Why?  There is absolutely no need for this false economy with the range of innovative and competitively priced display stands, floor spinners and wall racks available on the market today.  Creating striking displays for your merchandise takes time and skill, but one of the main factors is ensuring you have the correct display stand for the job.

Display Stand Attributes

Take a good look at your product, does it require a tier, a hook, a pocket or a bespoke solution to ensure it is staged to perfection? The way in which your merchandise is packaged will dictate whether it can be attractively arranged in a tiered display stand, would sit better in pockets or be easily accessed from hooks.  The final display stand solution should be one of the factors considered when choosing the most appropriate packaging.

Display Stand Design

Do you have a single item to promote or a range of designs to exhibit?  Single item promotions can utilise relatively small display stands on point of sale counters to deliver positively eye catching and appealing product displays, whilst more conspicuous plinths and platforms deliver striking and dramatic advertising impact.  A range of designs demand larger spinners and racks, with the requisite number of display positions to ensure each design attracts maximum customer attention.

Display Stand Size

Establish the size and number of display stands you require by calculating the stock levels you wish to place on the shop floor. Too little and you waste time constantly re-stocking, but resist the temptation to overload display positions; this always results in shabby presentation and quite often hinders access and selection guaranteed to put customers off!

Display Stand Location

The art of merchandising involves many techniques to attract and persuade customers to buy.  Display stands are an integral part of this process, designed and manufactured to create just the right look in just the right location.  Retail outlets maximise the sales potential of all available space by employing a variety of display solutions including wall racks, tiered countertop displays, floor spinners, free standing racks and display bins. Stock presentation is constantly under review and a selection of portable stands gives you more flexibility to renew and refresh your retail display.

Stand diversity does not present a conundrum of choice; the fantastic selection of innovative designs in a variety of materials provides you with the opportunity to source just the right style and type of display stand to showcase your product to perfection.

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