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Craft Fair Display Stand Planning

Getting yourself organised before arriving with your display stand ...

... will make the task of setting up for a Craft Fair a whole lot easier and far less stressful!

Check the dimensions of your allocated area with the organisers when booking and make full use of this space when designing your display.

Stands or props that provide different height levels immediately add focal interest and increase the visual appeal of your layout, as do fabrics, mannequins, shelving, baskets and unusual containers (our tips for greeting card display stands has some useful advice that can be adapted for other products) . All these accessories must be transported, unloaded and moved to your pitch – so choose with care.

Practice your arrangement prior to the event so you can decide if your design is too simple or too cluttered. Place your promotional banner or signage where it can be clearly seen and have your business cards or marketing leaflets easily accessible to customers. Cast a critical, creative eye over everything and, if necessary, tweak the display. Stand back and assess the impact of your stock from the customer’s perspective. Does everything look attractive and inviting, can they access and browse your items with ease and is your pricing clear and visible?

The "how much stock do I take?” question is tricky. Preparing too much is costly and time consuming, but too little and you risk ending up with an empty table and lost sales. The answer (if there is one!) will differ depending on the product you craft, your pricing, the size and reputation of the event, the weather (the list goes on!). However, by rehearsing in advance you will at least determine how much stock you need to fill your display stand (with a surplus for replenishing stock as it sells).

Identify and make yourself a display stand check-list of items you will need during the event, to ensure nothing is forgotten – such as cash float, receipt book, calculator, appropriate bags or packaging (don’t overlook the possibility of marketing here), writing pad and pens for orders and enquiries, business cards and marketing leaflets.

Don’t forget yourself! Craft Fairs can be very rewarding and lots of fun, but they involve setting up, interacting with customers, selling (hopefully) and packing up at the end of a long day. Take snacks and drinks (which you can store under/behind the display stand) and something to occupy you during quiet spells – preferably related to your craft as this is a great way to engage potential customers and promote the finished article on the display stand.

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