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Conjure Up Some Display Stand Magic

Designing and achieving your vision for the perfect presentation of your product is hard work, requires creative flair, an eye for detail and a little bit of display stand magic …

… that wonderful moment when all your time, toil and commitment are rewarded and you realise you have an impressive, eye catching display!

Stands are available off the shelf these days for such a wide variety of goods that finding the ideal props to display your items is far less time consuming than you might think. Designers are creating an ever increasing and exciting range of innovative display stand solutions embracing various combinations of metal, wood, cardboard, wire, acrylic and plastics – many of which are mass produced and ready to go!

Custom built display stands, for those who require a more bespoke solution to promote their merchandise, can be produced to meet the exact requirements of your own particular brand or product. Whilst planning ahead is essential here, design and manufacturing companies strive to keep wait times for prototypes and final delivery to a minimum.

Promotional signage and brand marketing on your display stand ensures your advertising message is up front and grabbing their attention!

Display stands that showcase your products perfectly help you achieve that display stand magic! Always check the overall dimensions of the stand along with the sizing of pockets, pegs, hooks or tiers to ensure that your product, complete with packaging (height, width and depth), will sit or hang perfectly when in position, thus enhancing the presentation. Don’t be tempted to purchase display stands with larger pockets, hooks or tiers than your product requires (thinking this may be useful); the end result is generally always untidy and requires constant maintenance in order to keep stock presentation appealing.

 Likewise, bear in mind the quantity of stock you wish to display when considering the type, size and number of display stands you will require; empty pockets, shelves and hooks are unattractive to customers and definitely do not conjure up any display stand magic!

If you are looking for a sprinkling of inspiration to help you create your own brand of display stand magic, pop over to and take a look at our extensive range of display stands for greeting cards, leaflets, literature, postcards, CDs/DVDs, business cards, key rings and much, much more!

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