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33 Display Stand Facts

33 Display Stand Facts

Display stands are an integral component…

…of successful merchandising and the sheer variety of designs available today provides plenty of choice and invariably raises a few questions too; with that in mind here are 33
display stand facts:

  1. Display stands provide the platform to create appealing and attractive product displays.
  2. With such a wide variety of materials to choose from, display stands can be up-to-the-minute and contemporary…
  3. …or timeless and classic.
  4. Wire display stands are robust and durable; excellent for high traffic areas.
  5. Display stands are manufactured in a variety of colours and materials.
  6. Acrylic/plastic stands can be moulded providing plenty of scope for innovative design.
  7. Hook accessories are useful for pre-packaged goods with eyelet toppers.
  8. Cardboard display stands can be colour printed to promote branding.
  9. Header board clips are handy for promotional signage.
  10. Tiered display racks are a practical choice for mixed sized products…
  11. …as are customised floor spinners and wall racks offering a variety of pocket sizes.
  12. Cardboard display stands are a popular choice for seasonal and promotional displays.
  13. Pocket sizes are designed to take most standard paper sizes…
  14. …but can also be tailored to meet your own particular requirements.
  15. Removable dividers and clips allow you to customise your display stand tiers and pockets.
  16. Cardboard offers an economical solution for the budget conscious.
  17. Wall racks are excellent space savers…
  18. … and manufactured with a variety of display options to suit your product.
  19. Floor spinners facilitate customer browsing…
  20. …and slim-line models are available if space is limited.
  21. Counter displays are ideal for point of sale promotions.
  22. Display stands can be custom made for a bespoke solution.
  23. Collapsible, lightweight display stands are often easier to transport…
  24. …and an excellent choice for trade shows or craft fairs.
  25. Portable floor spinners and racks offer flexibility and can be repositioned when updating displays.
  26. Stands can be designed to accentuate and market just one single item…
  27. …or be produced with numerous display positions for a complete product range.
  28. Brochure dispensers offer quick and easy access to product information…
  29. …whilst business card holders distribute important contact details.
  30. Leaflet holders are utilised in a variety of organisations to dispense relevant facts to a target audience (such as healthcare literature).
  31. Display stands can be product specific…
  32. …or multipurpose, accommodating various types of merchandise.
  33. For every display dilemma there is usually a display stand solution!


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